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I've dedicated my life to advancing technology and innovation, leveraging my diverse experience from startups to established firms to drive meaningful impact. Committed to continuous learning and personal growth, I aim to empower those I mentor towards self-sufficiency. As a trusted advisor and advocate, I lead businesses and teams to success.I am also an active member of the Product Hunt community, I dedicate myself to engaging with innovators and advising on product launch strategies and user experience enhancements. My expertise spans across technology, business strategy, and user-centric design, enabling me to provide valuable feedback and actionable advice to refine products for success.


I am currently at Visla, where we have championed the integration of artificial intelligence into video technologies—a move predating the industry's widespread adoption AI technology.Prior to Visla, I was fortunate enough to be at Zoom, one of the era's defining communication tools, is a highlight of my professional career. Alongside many talented colleagues, I played a key role in a pivotal moment not only for the tech industry, but humanity as well, helping to shape Zoom's rise to prominence.My passion for knowledge and self-improvement is unwavering. This has directly impacted my investment portfolio, which spans a multitude of companies, where I've applied my diverse background to support growth and innovation. I pride myself on choosing companies not only for their potential financially, but also for their potential impact on humanity.The moniker "Mogabr" – a serendipitous amalgamation of my full name Gabriel Moronta – it has become my unique identifier, it symbolizes my multifacted professional identity and my journey across the corporate world into the startup world.

Projects & Passions

I co-host the "Cursing Allowed" podcast with my good friend Mario Chery, the Owner and Operator of FreckleTech Productions. Our show dives into topics that stir up strong emotions—be it in the realm of business or beyond.There are moments when only a curse word can truly capture what we're feeling, but other times, a discussion is what's needed to air those frustrations. That's the essence of our podcast: a space to talk openly about the things that get under our skin.

As the founder of The Mogabr Group, I leverage my extensive experience to provide guidance in technology, business, and career advancement. Our hallmark is our people-first approach, I have a deep commitment not only to technological innovation but also to the belief that the human element is essential to achieving business success.

I am the host of "The Mogabr Show" podcast, I engage with a variety of intriguing personalities, exploring their passions and professional journeys. Our conversations reveal the human stories behind professional success.

If you're seeking guidance to elevate your product's impact and optimize its launch, I invite you to submit your project through the form below. This initiative reflects my commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the growth of promising tech ventures within the vibrant Product Hunt ecosystem.Please allow me 2-3 days to review your product and reach out to you to schedule a call.

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