Keep Learning!

I am currently at Visla, where we have championed the integration of artificial intelligence into video technologies— a move predating the industry's widespread adoption AI technology.

Prior to Visla, I was fortunate enough to be at Zoom, one of the era's defining communication tools, is a highlight of my professional career. Alongside many talented colleagues, I played a key role in a pivotal moment not only for the tech industry, but humanity as well, helping to shape Zoom's rise to prominence.

My passion for knowledge and self-improvement is unwavering. This has directly impacted my investment portfolio, which spans a multitude of companies, where I've applied my diverse background to support growth and innovation. I pride myself on choosing companies not only for their potential financially, but also for their potential impact on humanity.

The moniker "Mogabr" – a serendipitous amalgamation of my full name Gabriel Moronta – it has become my unique identifier, it symbolizes my multifacted professional identity and my journey across the corporate world into the startup world.